Greyhaired Raggedy Man

The Greyhaired Raggedy Man He was down on one knee staring intently at the lock on my apartment door. This raggedy man, locksmith, who had grilled me on the telephone about my lost keys. I was annoyed and irritated. I came up the stairs each one drew me closer. After I reached the third-floor landing, […]

Until we meet again…

Sunday in Church , I prayed for an end to my sister’s suffering. The cancer and the treatments had ravaged her body. She was afraid to die and very sad. I could feel the passing would be soon. I was already very sad as it was it was the anniversary of my oldest son’s death. […]

Semi-retirement fog

It has been 7 weeks I’ve not really settled in there was vacation at the beach the holidays and the two little part-time jobs Now, there are no distractions I should be getting busy A gigantic household purge looms like the apocalypse; organization is my weakest suit. There are clothes to donate closets to clean crafts […]

Reverse Negative

Reverse Negative In photography, a reverse negative is a print of the negative image where once was light- now darkness where there is dark, it glows                     *** I have moments in the shadows seconds in the sunlight there are epochs when daylight seems a darker shade of night… blue satin sky inky velvet night […]