Semi-retirement fog

It has been 7 weeks

I’ve not really settled in

there was vacation at the beach

the holidays

and the two little part-time jobs

Now, there are no distractions

I should be getting busy

A gigantic household purge


like the apocalypse; organization

is my weakest suit.

There are clothes to donate

closets to clean

crafts to go through

my un-diagnosed ADHD is a master at

running interference.

each bag or box I open provides hours

of distraction.

Sigh…shouldn’t this be easy?

Cooking for my love


I go to work and come home tired

my love has cooked dinner-

yes, he’s retired;

on weekends I make fresh coffee

and breakfast creations

and do the dishes

and plan dinner…

All of this excitement…

This morning- breakfast pizza

 eggs , sausage, hash browns

grilled onions and peppers.

This evening- homemade


I wonder what life will reveal

if I no longer have a job.

Will I go crazy and get fat

from cooking?

Kind of scary…