As Irish as potatoes

I was remembering my Grandpa Smith today as I planted bag after bag of seed potatoes in huge feed tubs, grow bags, and even the cardboard shipping container. Grandpa grew row after row of potatoes on his suburban farm in Shakopee , Minnesota I remember at least on time we visited at harvest time. All […]

A stitch in time

This was one of those pearls of wisdom phrases I heard often in my childhood. My ninth grade sewing teacher, Sister Mary Seamstress might have used it more than once in the hour we had to sew on our projects. My mother said it but I cannot recall why…unless we were talking about mending a […]

51 years

       If you were still here.I would remind you of the hot, heavy and humid June day when you were finally born-fighting the forceps that yanked you, almost against your will from the womb.You loved these sweltering days-you were born to thrive above 90 degrees, I believe. You were a heat up the […]


The morning begins with a heavy fog blanket, and a warm beginning to a Texas Christmas. The grey cloud that has shrouded my spirit is lifted. Our Christmas tree shimmers with fiber optics sending colors racing around the darkened room.My coffee cup is warm and full, as is my heart. All is calm, all is […]

A rainy winter night in Wichita,Kansas

December 14, 1971 found me in the midst of holiday planning, tree decorating and cookie making. Big plans for later that day reinforced my need to finish what I could. My three year old son was anxious to help and we merrily rolled peanut butter cookies into balls to be baked as the next batch […]


Ripples Wash from waving dunes to undulating surf Whispering” come follow”… Tracing ancient, ageless paths across the empty beach. Under a silent silver sky, I stoop to scoop a single shell, The broken and the whole. The wind and sand polish my cheeks soft. 70 years of living Smoothed to satin, again Baby-soft skin, Reborn […]


It’s strange how you can remember where you were who you were with and the smallest details of seminal events that color our history. Twenty- five years ago today, I was standing in my kitchen covered up to my elbows in jerky marinade as I was attempting to make the treat homemade. Although labor intensive […]