Such a difficult decision to make; no easy choices and no right answers. An 8 pound  male puppy coming of age in a house with a three pound Chihuahua in heat

The alpha male in our home is Romeo. Tiny Chica is his emotional service puppy and the fight ran for months stretched from  weeks on end…

It became the.Elephant in the room-every room.

I begged  to have her spade. He would not hear of it- his poor little baby. I reminded him that Chachi would grow.                        He became Egyptian-and the waters of his  denial  ran deep. The friction of this dog fight shook the very walls of our little world.

This past week I scheduled the tiny, already now  pregnant  Chica for surgery. 

I also posted a request to re-home Chachi in our neighborhood web log. 

By the end of the day, on Friday,  both occurred. As Chica softly moaned on the sofa, a lovely  new angel rose up in our lives. “I never go to that group,” she said. She’d not had a dog in many years. The picture, below, she said, made her call.

Two  very sleepless nights, Romeo lamented. The missing pup infiltrated his dreams. Tears wracked his aging body.  Not to my credit, I seemed callous. It had all driven by him.                                                 His anxiety led me to contact the new momma owner to enquire about their bonding…was she as happy on Sunday as on Friday? I told her my alpha male had anxiety issues.

She just left our place, with Chachi, after spending over an hour here. He had been to Pet Smart and on several 30 minute runs. He has learned to sit on command. He was a calm pup truly enamored with his elevated status and his new mom.

Our lives were touched by this wild dog. He fed on the anxiety in our home . He is thriving in his new environment. He lives next door to a park. 

I loved him dearly. 

I loved him enough to let him go.

©Nancilynn Saylor 09 July 2017


Today is day two I’ve freezing weather

I made a pan of squash soup from squash cooked in early fall and tucked into freezer. 

Several hours ago, a ring-tailed cat walked by on our fence catching my eye from the window. It looked at me as it tried to get a drink of water from our rain bucket.it was hunkered down in the stiff winter gales.  When I opened the door it flew up the fence clearly skittish. I put a bowl of water out and my beloved opened a can of tuna and took to the house where it lived no cracked open garage for shelter against the weather. The 311 operators we called were not optimistic.

I posted to our neighborhood weblog. Replies poured in as everyone brainstormed. We took a box with warm bedding …others are keeping an eye for the folks who live in the house. I have some questions for the cat’s owners myself. 

The sun has just set. Forecasted low  tonight-22 , same tomorrow. Keep warm Kitty… 

Nancilynn Saylor 

January 2017