Ripples Wash from waving dunes to undulating surf Whispering” come follow”… Tracing ancient, ageless paths across the empty beach. Under a silent silver sky, I stoop to scoop a single shell, The broken and the whole. The wind and sand polish my cheeks soft. 70 years of living Smoothed to satin, again Baby-soft skin, Reborn […]


It’s strange how you can remember where you were who you were with and the smallest details of seminal events that color our history. Twenty- five years ago today, I was standing in my kitchen covered up to my elbows in jerky marinade as I was attempting to make the treat homemade. Although labor intensive […]

Until we meet again…

Sunday in Church , I prayed for an end to my sister’s suffering. The cancer and the treatments had ravaged her body. She was afraid to die and very sad. I could feel the passing would be soon. I was already very sad as it was it was the anniversary of my oldest son’s death. […]


The scent of this morning’s Fresh plucked Magnolia blossom Fills the room tonight. One of my favorites… One I cannot explain to my own satisfaction, Much less to another. Tonight, I am reminded of the first time I smelled Magnolia and how the adrenaline swelled through my body while Angels infused the air. Spring. Charleston. […]