>Evolution Footwear

Long ago, in another “lifetime” I had a closet full of footwear. There were stiletto heels, and sassy pumps, there were cowgirl boots and suede boots, open toe or closed toe; I loved shoes. While I hated breaking in new shoes, I have a younger sister who gave me shoes she no longer wore.  Soooo comfy!

While in rehabilitation, recuperating after my first knee replacement surgery, the affable doctor was “kind” enough to observe-“oh my, I see you have bunions brewing down here,” with a smile. “Guess you’ll be needing surgery again!”

That was the last thing I needed to know at that point in my recovery. I had also seen and heard tales of bunions past, from another sister and several friends who had undergone bunion removals. I put that out of my mind for as long as possible, before switching shoe styles. About five years ago my youngest granddaughter took 32 assorted pairs of shoes from my closet…possibly more. I remember it as such a sad day.

I have switched to open- toed sandals about an inch high, usually having a wedge base for more surefooted walking. For the coldest months, and dressier events, I wear sketchers.  I have white in summer, black for winter. I try not to even look at my feet much. Just get something on and move ahead.

I remember my Grandma and my Granny (and let’s not forget my dear ever present Nuns, shoes. Oh my, those black laced up clunkers they wore. I did have a dear nun-friend, Sister M., who upon noticing some  “practical” and comfortable new shoes, uttering, “My, Nancy, do I spy a vocation about to blossom on your feet?” A sobering afternoon followed as I reminisced in my head about the ghost of cute shoes. The days of cute footwear, like the demise of my days of wine and roses, pretty much summed things up. Life goes on and all things change.  (Sister M. experienced her own vocational change as she left the religious order and married her parish priest. Last I heard she was mom to several children. The Victoria’s Secret packages she covertly hid from the other nuns led me to suspect something was afoot in her own personal musings.)

I went on to experiment with other comfy shoes, wide enough to accommodate those pesky bunions or “Paul Bunions” as I refer to them now.

Just last month I ordered a new pair of footwear called beach water socks. They are vibrant colored, stretchy foam, pull-on shoes with removable charcoal insoles. I just know they will come in handy on our annual foray south, to the Texas shore, in mid-November. They are so comfortable; Romeo asked if they came in men’s sizes. He now sports a pair of zebra stripes! So long fashion- hello, comfort!


© Nancilynn Saylor


One thought on “>Evolution Footwear

  1. Enjoyed reading this … thinking back … thinking now … thinking what may be ahead …
    I want to stand on my own two feet as long as I possibly can !!
    While I remember various styles I once wore, I cannot say I MISS them much. Comfort is my criteria!


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