“Occupied-A Novel Based on a True Story by Kurt Blorstad”. a book report

In the beginning, I thought it was going to be just a sweet story of a child on a trip “back home” with his father. It is this and so much more. Next, I decided it would be perfect in a school library for middle school children. It is also that.

I let myself settle in on a cold weekend and become an invisible family member as the author, on the trip of a lifetime with his aging parent, hands the microphone to his father, Trygve to tell the story of living in Norway with his maternal grandmother, mother, and siblings on the west coast of Norway in Norway. And what a story it is!

Rich with descriptions and locations and family life, it also has danger and intrigue through the eyes of a Norwegian youth in Germany’s early occupation of a neutral country. While neither a boy nor Norwegian, I quickly found myself becoming a shadowy partner to his life and antics.

It takes the reader through peacetime, the war and the ultimate goal of rejoining his father in America

A well-written and engaging book for readers of all ages!  I found myself drifting back in time to another place, another life, filled with adventure!

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