Today is day two I’ve freezing weather

I made a pan of squash soup from squash cooked in early fall and tucked into freezer. 

Several hours ago, a ring-tailed cat walked by on our fence catching my eye from the window. It looked at me as it tried to get a drink of water from our rain was hunkered down in the stiff winter gales.  When I opened the door it flew up the fence clearly skittish. I put a bowl of water out and my beloved opened a can of tuna and took to the house where it lived no cracked open garage for shelter against the weather. The 311 operators we called were not optimistic.

I posted to our neighborhood weblog. Replies poured in as everyone brainstormed. We took a box with warm bedding …others are keeping an eye for the folks who live in the house. I have some questions for the cat’s owners myself. 

The sun has just set. Forecasted low  tonight-22 , same tomorrow. Keep warm Kitty… 

Nancilynn Saylor 

January 2017

2 thoughts on “Pets,plants,pipes…

  1. Warm kitty can probably finagle on his own … but your offer of water is hugely helpful with everything so frozen, and the tuna? Warms from the inside out.


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