Another Blue Moon Night

I lie in bed gazing at the full moon staring back at me through a crescent window high on my bedroom wall. It has been the same for twenty seven years now…my personal time with the dark sky. In twenty seven years, 324 full moons plus a few extra blue moons. Interesting, yet trivial knowledge […]

Into the wide open

We recently completed our most recent trip around the Sun another year encoded in the history book of life as we know it on this small blue oasis in the milky way in my world the temperate weather had streaks of cold, icy weeks, even snow. Though aches in my old bones, I still managed […]

Valentine Moon

Valentine sky filled with the soft tawny glow of this February Moon; Snow Moon of the Human Beings, the natives of this land. First pulled to the window then all the way outdoors to watch the ascent in the eastern darkness staring and moving to view the beauty from behind the naked trees my bare […]