Early   too early the

summer heat melts us

like ice cream cones

held too long

in the hands of babes

sticky   hot   mess

our dogs loll about

searching for a cool space to stake out

on the tile beneath an air-conditioner vent

coffee over ice for humans, we

draw closed the drapes

against the humid swelter


and wait for autumn.

First day of Summer



It was already hot this morning when I went to the garden.

The high temperature all week is predicted to be in the upper 90s

to nearly 100. Factoring in the ever present humidity means I will not be out

side very much after the noon hour. A rain shower now would only make things stickier.

I have friends in L.A. and Phoenix- they are experiencing much worse

heat…and it is life threatening in those areas. Many homes have limited air-conditioning

so I will try hard not grumble and instead pray for relief for everyone.

I read that this is the hottest beginning to a summer in history.

Some say it is global warming, I say climate change,

either way we will all look forward to some cooler days.

That will not be until October here in Central Texas.

I might as well get a big pitcher of iced tea ready

and turn  all the fans to high now!