A golden mug of turmeric, floats in gingered cranberry vessel  Promises sleep Promises dreams Devoid of pain Just for tonight ©Nancilynn Saylor  February 24 2017

The Final Frontier 

It  was 1957 and our whole family was crowded into our parents bedroom. We all crouched on the floor in front of the window, craning our necks as we searched the clear, dark winter night sky.Soon we saw it. It was a small fuzzy ball of light moving across the horizon- Sputnik, the recently launched […]

“…To her place by the river”

Yesterday we learned that one of my “ultimate” poets, Leonard Cohen, had passed away. He had been part of my life for half a century. I read his poetry while I hung out in the library my junior and senior years of high school in the late 1960s. For some serendipitous occasion our lives crossed […]

gods as companions

gods as companionswe were never sostrongas a species…to hold up our endalone.Companions were sent:Wild flowersSpring breezesWaves…Nothing took hold- until arrivedIn our most lame moments,dogs.dogs like! Gilligan, he Of snaggled tooth and curly, beige hair!He, who wondered why I thought I was in charge-, When, clearly he knew differently.He stayed for seventeen years and herded me, […]

In a month’s time

I go again, soon … for dawn and dusk on the shoreline. insignificant to some, the Texas shore now my “ocean.” It’s not that I have not dipped toes into an authentic ocean, for I have; but the baggage that came with living in an ocean state was too weighty at the time. Texas!   At […]