gods as companions

gods as companions
we were never so
as a species…
to hold up our end
Companions were sent:
Wild flowers
Spring breezes
Nothing took hold- until arrived
In our most lame moments,
dogs like! Gilligan, he

Of snaggled tooth and curly, beige hair!
He, who wondered why

I thought I was in charge-,

When, clearly

he knew differently.
He stayed for seventeen years

and herded me,

Wherever I was supposed

to go.
And, upon my arriving at the place,
He lay beneath my feet
and breathed his last…
I scarcely lived through the next five days
before getting another rescue
no one else
I could not bear to walk in the door
of a house that had no dog!
you or me?
What a mess you were
scarred from repeated foiled escapes

or escapades
you, looking just like Toto
welcomed me
your Dorothy-
clicked my heels
three times
and you were home.
Tomorrow makes a week
that you too, are gone
Seventeen years- twelve by my side!
Oh my dog, my dog
you have forsaken me.
My heart still cannot take a breath
without tears.

©Nancilynn 2016

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