December is a hard month for me and my family.

My siblings and I lost both parents during this month &

my oldest sister lost her only son. I try to fill the days with thankfulness

and Christmas joy but the truth is, a pervading sadness seeps through.

I awoke this morning with thoughts of my father-tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat.

He missed our mother so much after her death. He told me she talked to him in his dreams at night.

Today is the third anniversary of dad’s death, In two more days, it will be the eighteenth anniversary of mother’s death.

My sister’s son died on the anniversary of mother’s funeral. December is a very cold and hard month for us all to bear.

Today I will put up the Nativity and remember the beautiful, strong love my parents shared and know that the aching in my heart

also fills the hearts of those that loved these wonderful people who are not here on earth with us anymore. Our faith gives us hope.

                                    Rest in Peace  my dear loved ones, until we meet again.


© Nancilynn Saylor December 2016

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