Taking better care

There is no new calendar for my wall but I am aware that there will need to be one soon. There is much to keep up with in the day-to-day world of busy humans                                         goals for a new year: only two                                  1. Take better care of myself and Romeo              2. take better care of our surroundings/home.  What that means is de-clutter and that involves a time-table because you have no idea how great a project this will be. A calendar will make me aware of the elapsing time and hopefully keep me on track, as I just naturally tend to backslide when faced with tasks of this magnitude.Sigh…                                Today I will write out the rough draft of steps to accomplishing both goals. Step one will likely involve the purchase of a new calendar.

Happy New Year to everyone. I will update as often as I can. Writing more is also an unwritten goal and an understatement as writing brings such JOY.

I am looking forward to a less complicated an cluttered life. When I have more room to breathe, I’ll be able to relax and take better care of myself and dear Romeo.

Right now, I am off to get dressed and make some waffles and then search for the perfect calendar!

Until the next chapter…


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