Birthday with Michael

My son has

simply been absent more

years than those spent with his


His parents- now aging,

his Grandparents passed away, and

his children

and grandchildren grew, all

while he was gone.

Yesterday he turned forty-four.

I still see him

In a large, sad corner of my mind,

as a child.

Well, he’ll always be my child,

Of course,

However he possesses many childlike qualities…

Ingrained in the years

He was mine.

Now a father

A grandfather

He still has those entrenched manners:

Opens doors for ladies, always

Says” please and thank you and yes Ma’am” to

the waitress at the restaurant where his dad

and I took him

for his birthday lunch.

He was very appreciative

for his gift of matching thermal


because he knows

we remembered

how much he hates

to be


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