Morning in the garden

I have just returned from the back deck in our small blue house on Bilbrook Place. I tool my favorite coffee mug, filled with coffee dark and rick and colored the nice shade of caramel that is my preference. The sky, a heavenly shade of blue, not azure, more Robin’s egg blue, with a smattering of wispy clouds drifting silently above. I sit facing the rising sun,which is beginning to break through the trees. My garden is lovely and the scent of several newly opened magnolia blooms is lemony and enticing. This morning the air smells clean and fresh, in part from our abundant cleansing rains from the past month or so. I believe the weather report said we totaled near 17 inches. What I do know is our local lakes are running very full, Lake Travis, the largest of the Highland Lakes is at 127 percent full, and still some 20 inches below the spillway. The massive dam has three of its flood gates open with enough water being released to fill over one hundred Olympic sized pools ever second they are open  These lakes, closed for much of the past years due to the drought and low water levels, some fifty to sixty feet low,  is closed temporarily now for an excess of water that has submerged homes and docks and trees and even picnic benches built at lakes edge which would be a hazard to boaters. I like this idea of Spring better all green and glowing. Soon enough the rains will cease again and it will continue to dry out unless a tropical storm forms in the Gulf of Mexico. Such is weather in south central Texas. This writer, for one, appreciates the mornings  just like today. I was going to insert a gorgeous Magnolia bloom but alas cannot make it happen this morning.


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