The scent of this morning’s Fresh plucked Magnolia blossom Fills the room tonight. One of my favorites… One I cannot explain to my own satisfaction, Much less to another. Tonight, I am reminded of the first time I smelled Magnolia and how the adrenaline swelled through my body while Angels infused the air. Spring. Charleston. […]

The miracle of an Ordinary Saturday

                                         Saturday, I chose to turn off the alarm and sleep as long as dreams would keep me. I surrendered into the daylight right after it arrived. Instead of rising at 5:00 I snoozed and sank back into my jumbled, confusing mind trips until six. I loved the weekend days so there was little chance […]

I can feel a change coming in the air tonight…

 Today, our windows were thrown open, air filtering through the wet morning fog and afternoon sun. My heart is happy, my soul smiled. Romeo continues to work the garden beds He’s planted a few tomato plants sowed peas, radishes; he, humbly, grumbly considered my potential cucumber hoops instead of the standard upright trellis… Since the execution […]