New Year’s Day 2014

Last night I celebrated the end of a year. I was clever and giddy last night, consuming food far too rich and drinking too much wine. It was, indeed a great gathering… last night, a few dear friends engaged in feasting, dance and song. I tumbled into bed scarcely past 1:30… Good morning you party girl! I could not […]

Old lang syne

I love new years…blank pages in a journal, the first pages of a brand spanking unscribbled on calendar. The hope that fills the air as old friends and new aquaintainces hug and kiss goodnite to celebrate the end of the passing year. I spent last evening in the company of fond friends and some friends […]

Spring garden-fresh dirt

Spring garden moves swiftly into Summer Peas are gone and beans are plentiful tomatoes turn gloriously red I must pick every day… Every other day or so new cucumbers for the table Eggplants, two kinds, are coming along nicely Okra taking on height… Romeo resisted my ordering new soil. I resist saying “I told you […]