My Mother told me

Mother told me when I moved into this house

twenty plus years ago

that I was born into the wrong century.

She shook her head as I had Romeo and the boys

did up the entire back yard for a garden

She might have been right!

I spent my weekend off from work

first at the Farmer’s Market and after that

in the kitchen.

We sliced several pounds of okra

sprinkled it with cayenne pepper and garlic

and put it in the new dehydrator to dry.

Five trays of okra yielded 1/2 quart ziploc bag of dehydrated okra

For breakfast this morning I made scones for my beloved

who cooks for me five days a week…

fresh peach and blueberry scones, brushed with real cream

After that I wanted to make homemade baked beans

After that,  homemade spaghetti sauce

I did not find the pickling salt until about ten minutes ago

or I’d probably be in the kitchen making pickles right now!

I miss my Mom…she is probably shaking her beautiful halo

right now looking down on me

knowing Romeo would be the one

who had to clean the kitchen

between each culinary project.

Mom is still right!


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