Teetering on the edge

My days seem to drip down more rapidly

 now, as I am standing

near the edge

of another New Year…

Time drifts in the sand dial as


broken resolutions

elicit both sighs

and whys;

lofty challenges tossed

out in the mine-paths

of my already too-filled days,

get tucked away in the over-stuffed files

of my mental memory bank


N*O*W !

Now, when it is time to review


(or possibly renew them

if they are worthy of a second look)

Teetering on the edge

between Christmas and New Year

I, too, have been merry

and I also have been not so…

My heart is filled with family

present and those who are lost forever

except to my soul.

I am giddy with grandchildren and

even more great-grands!

Life is good here on the edge!

The trees all ornamented and festooned

will remain until I can’t stand to look

at the bedazzlement any longer!

I stand here again at the edge of another year;

“I procrastinate therefore I am”.


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