The fog is lifting

…at least in my corner of the world.           I awoke to thick haze of fog and by sunrise it was clearing.                                         Today our country swears in our new President, to the joy of many and to the grumbling of others. It was that way the last election, too, I recall.                                    I have watched many inauguration ceremonies in my lifetime- some celebrating the candidate of my choice and other times just celebrating the fact that I enjoy living in a country where we have the privilege and right to both choose our candidates and vote… so many countries do not enjoy this.                      So, celebrate today or moan and groan and whine about it-if that makes you feel like a “better” American. I respect the office of the Presidency-if my choice is putting their hand on the Bible today or sitting respectfully on the dais watching. 

By the dawns early light tomorrow, we have a new leader at the helm. God bless our new leaders and lighten the burdens of those who wish failure for them.             I continue to be an optimist- for gloom and doom serves no one. 

©Nancilynn Saylor January 2017

Photo of United States Capital today

Courtesy of Google 

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