Chasing Autumn

Sun’s rays stream through the gate.
Rivulets of perspiration trickle down beneath the neck of my sundress-

following the space between my breasts& soaking the lightest weight lingerie

It is said that cotton is king in Texas & its

a damp monarch, this time of year.

A sweet lady at the market yesterday,

with a distinctly northern Midwest accent

remarked,”at least next month is Fall!”

I smile, remembering  some very warm & humid Halloweens, and a few Thanksgivings running our air conditioning just so we could stand to be  in the kitchen cooking the turkey.

Triple digit heat digs in its heels.

Autumn wakes up…

Checks the thermometer,

rolls over, yawns &

takes another nap.

©Nancilynn Saylor 2016

Photo of my custom painted gate.

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