will turn a heart to stone
try as I will
to not let it
some days,
days like today,
it does not just permeate
with the stink of inhumanity.
it kicks relentlessly at the chamber
threatening to
destroy everything
to gain entrance
Prayers I have prayed for peace on Earth
my entire life prayers asking God for peace
begging for
solitude to settle
this small
blue marble in
our galaxy, a tiny speck in the universe…
today, again
I feel my heart
hardening… like the slick
black glass
of a volcanic crater where I once
walked…years ago, in the Arizona
today, my anger rises
a fellow countryman-
blood spilled in savagery on
another desert sand…
I pray for his peace
and ours.
Sodom and Gomorrah
was the lesson not

2 thoughts on “HELP

  1. These are hard times. There are so many people of good will in the world, and so many of them in contact with one another through the Internet, especially through blogging, why can’t we work together for good? We should do better.


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