Father’s Day-first year without my Dad


Photo: Chuck Noll's former players and coaches share their thoughts on the Hall of Fame coach.

READ: http://stele.rs/SVYMWY

My very wise father, Floyd Harrison, gave me this advice when I was about 16 years old, when weekends cut into dating time, ” find a team and root for that team-win or lose, that will be your team! Learn everything about your team! Men love football and will appreciate a woman who also does.”

I could not pick just one. I picked the The Pittsburgh Steelers – I picked Terry Bradshaw!…but, I also picked the Dallas Cowboys… and it was okay until the times they suited up against each other.

Super Bowls sometimes left me a sodden wreck! I did not want either one to lose-instead of always having one of my teams win. I could scarcely be happy if one of my teams got a first down against the other!

My Daddy… I sorely miss you today and everyday! Happy Father’s Day in Heaven.

I always chose the Steelers. My family was a Cowboys family.

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