Happy Earth Day to our lil blue speck

Morning broke
with a blush of rose-colored
Sunny afternoon-
a cloudless sky,
typical of spring
in my part of Texas
Earth Day
on our small blue planet.

I skipped out of work
to enjoy my small slice of Paradise
in the back
of the Robin’s egg blue
house on Bilbrook Place.

House Finch and Cardinals
Titmice and Grackle…
Resident neighborhood Cormorant
left a huge shadow
as she glided
over the horizon.

I raise my glass,
a toast
to the beauty that abounds..

Five red succulent strawberries
ready as I passed,
snow peas crying” pick me, pick me”,
Ruby throated Hummer
new to us this year
buzzed as I stood near
her feeder.

All is good in my world.

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