Life Changes

Up before dawn now

requires two alarms

and I still manage to remain horizontal

much longer than ever in the past

sometimes I am already vertical

and my mind is still prone…

I take two blood pressure pills

a thyroid pill

and have access to a tranquilizer

for anxiety…

They make me loopy so I

cut them in half…

I am more unsettled recently

and cannot root out the cause

my life is cluttered

my house is cluttered

and most of all my mind is cluttered

I long for calm

in the noisy spaces

I cannot seem to quiet life.

I am going to try…

I lose objects…

checks waiting to go to the bank

my camera

my favorit earrings…

this has to stop.


I need to find my focus!


and the camera

and the check

and the earring…

Nancilynn 4/25/2012

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