Earth Day 2012

Morning in my garden

I smile in the wee hours of this dawn’s first light

cool air-

hot coffee…

bird song fills the early day;

two cardinals flutter from the feeder

ahead of the out-witted but lurking

always present pesky squirrels.

squash blossoms open

as the sunlight and purple martins sweep overhead…

Climbing cucumber plants, full of flowers

and baby cucumbers

tomato plants, tower

some are five feet tall

(Romas and Rodeos and Black Krim)

onions sending up lofty flower heads

as the potatoes wheeze their last breath

brushing against herbs as I go by

sage, dill and rosemary

stop to stoop and sniff…

Inhaling the scent of lemon blossoms

the need for the word intoxicating

becomes clear…

I crane my neck to count the buds on

the magnolia tree

recovered from the ravages of the drought

with each step nearer

I am to nature

the closer I am to both God




Earth Day 2012

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