“Sundown you better take care…”

Notes and words  stir me.                                 Wisk me back again in time.                             Only memories now.

©Nancilynn Saylor.                                            7 April 2017

 About Marching

I have always controlled my own body. I did not need to march for that right to do so. 
I worked for over 50 years and it was pretty easy to find work. I did not march to find it. 

I never felt I  needed to march to make my point to elected officials either. I called them on the telephone or wrote letters and  I VOTED  IN EVERY ELECTION. 

I am pretty certain I paid the same price at the gas pump and grocery store as those with more money than I had. When there were gas shortages I did have to wait in a long line more than a few times. 

I was never on public assistance,  but for many years I had no insurance on my children. If we went to doctors we paid the bill. Thank goodness we were pretty healthy. There were a few lean years that a few extra free dollars would have made life a little easier. 

I learned how to sew and how to cook, garden, and can food. I believe in recycling and composting. 

I never asked for anything from the government. 

I do not mind that people can get assistance when they are “in a pinch.”

I have known people that I helped who needed money for food, spend the money given to them on rib eyes and porterhouse steaks and lobster, when they told me they were down to a few cans of food in their pantry. That $100 could have filled their pantry with beans, rice and healthy nutritious foods. I grew up in a family of seven- we ate lots of beans.  As a matter of, I had pintos for dinner last night. They were great!

It was interesting to see the marchers on television. It looked like a great happening. 

I am not a fan or crowds-be it a mobs or riots or traffic jams. 

I don’t think marching makes anyone better off than someone who did not march. 

But if it was a good way to make you feel better-you should do it and often. 

As I said in the beginning, I have always controlled my body-also my mind. I have learned to have a healthy questioning attitude. I don’t embrace every news story or every new idea I read. 

 Although I certainly don’t mind if anyone else does. 

©Nancilynn Saylor January 2017

Sun sinks low in the western sky

I take  deep breaths

and sigh

happiness an illusion

looked for in the corridors of dreams

raced up stairs in cavernous buildings

I have no idea who or where

I am.

The sun is there, too

down those corridors

up those stairs

and when it sets

the Moon will



IMG_1631 (2)


© Nancilynn

Photo by  Nancilynn

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