Adventure in the Ordinary


we met for lunch at noon

as arranged

a nagging  pain in my back

persistently present…

outdoors, the hot July sun would bake us

and everyone else…

so we are

off on an indoor adventure

of body/mind/spirit

aches, pains

will have to wait

another day.

Or so I thought…

Fabulous lunch with excellent company

quick trip to ladies room and we would be

on our way!



The quick trip

ended up with me, sprawled on the ground.

Stepped off poorly designed gravel sidewalk

outside the resturant,

and went flying…

Knee hurting, foot hurting

pride-not really. I am used to it…

This did not deter either of us…

as shown by smiling faces at end of the afternoon.


© Nancilynn Saylor 2016

Photo of my cute friend who tried to break my fall!

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