I call him Romeo

but he was never really all

that romantic

or necessarily faithful…

My soul recognized his soul

thirty eight years ago

this Spring.

I was tangled up in

dreamy, impractical love

adoring and clinging,

jealous, possessive love.

Other women warned me

his grandmother, his mother

and both of his previous wives…

male friends warned me, too.

We formed a family unit

loose and expansive…

friends and lovers and others

flowed in and out of

our lives

My heart throbbed with an aching

love of him

Years past. As predicted

he drifted…

Just as predictably I reacted; it

did not end well.

However souls know…

often more than the human spirit.

When the spirit breaks loose

the soul turns blue

or if really wounded

turns purple.

My soul turned lavender first

progressing all the way to


Although apart more years

than we were together

but in concert now


Yesterday’s valentine

brought roses and wine,

candles and porcelain plates

laid out on a damask cloth-

to serve a well-thought out

special homemade dinner.

It was only he who could turn

 my icy heart again to


Two weeks into …

Two weeks into the newest year
...well, the only year we have if we are a forward looking people.
I dabble and dawdle a lot in memories so I sometimes find large chunks
of the new year has flown by and I think it must still be January and winter. 
The truth is, January could be Spring in Central Texas and has been on many years. This year-it is colder...I always think that bodes well for summer. Last year we had a February cold snap with snow. That was, I knew, a bad omen for Summer. 
Spring came rushing in nipping on the exiting heels of Winter like a large and playful puppy. Before the Spring settled in, Summer settled down like the warm mantle it was to become. Warm was quickly replaced by heat...stifling heat. Heat so unrelenting that my brows furrowed against it in the morning when it was 83 and humid, untl evening when it was still 99 at bedtime. 
I am gratefull for the cold crisp mornings and a fire in the fireplace some nights. If it can continue this way for several months, I might be able to tolerate another Texas Summer. 

So here it is Jan.15, 2012 I am writing to let everyone know that I am alive and well in Austin, Texas and looking for our January topic. If there was one already and I missed it...I apologize.

If one appears soon I will try to write...for now I'll send this and use in my blog that I am lucky to post in once a week. Getting up daily and writing just has not ingrained itself for me sinch I forsook my Morning Pages some years ago.