June 10

There is no year written here just June 10 because every year it arrives to find me in a melancholy state of mind heralding its arrival. on June 10, 2004 I lost my son, my first-born child. We spoke on the telephone  early that morning; by evening he was dead I keep waiting for the […]

Summer in Central Texas

I can feel it coming… Summer, in the same way I feel a winter storm or bellyache after too many sweets. it starts slowly… one day warm maybe a few cool days, the next day warmer than the first, then suddenly all the way to hot… stifling hot. The air at daybreak is still… humid, still […]

Spring garden-fresh dirt

Spring garden moves swiftly into Summer Peas are gone and beans are plentiful tomatoes turn gloriously red I must pick every day… Every other day or so new cucumbers for the table Eggplants, two kinds, are coming along nicely Okra taking on height… Romeo resisted my ordering new soil. I resist saying “I told you […]

Prayers to the Angels and Saints

I am uncertain why a good Catholic girl ok, raised well-strayed but remained Catholic at the cellular level forgot briefly to ask Saint Anthony, Patron Saint of lost belongings for the location of my new camera. It has worked previously with cell phones and missing birth certificates…   Today I remembered and prayed and the […]

Life Changes

Up before dawn now requires two alarms and I still manage to remain horizontal much longer than ever in the past sometimes I am already vertical and my mind is still prone… I take two blood pressure pills a thyroid pill and have access to a tranquilizer for anxiety… They make me loopy so I […]