Earth Day 2012

Morning in my garden I smile in the wee hours of this dawn’s first light cool air- hot coffee… bird song fills the early day; two cardinals flutter from the feeder ahead of the out-witted but lurking always present pesky squirrels. squash blossoms open as the sunlight and purple martins sweep overhead… Climbing cucumber plants, […]

Two weeks into …

Two weeks into the newest year     …well, the only year we have if we are a forward looking people. I dabble and dawdle a lot in memories so I sometimes find large chunks of the new year has flown by and I think it must still be January and winter. The truth is, […]

A lesson in pure love…

September is near… my Van Gogh calendar announces its approach in this, the airless heat of August my mind drifts back to a different and long ago September with my dad in that September dove hunting in a dazzling New Mexico sun- drenched dusk four kids piled in the rear of the station wagon my […]

A toast to my less travelled Roads

There is something so compelling about taking  a less travelled path while still hearing the beat the rumpa pum pum of those different drums still following the ones I can’t resist. Odd how you never get lost on that trail… because it’s only a journey… eternity is the destination. My entire life has been about […]

The Magnolia Tree

When I first moved into this house I was married to his brother after his feet of clay revealed the “one true” part of our true love to be false. No matter; this really was my one true love-we just needed a break from the suffocation we both felt. His brother and I married against […]